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Prefect Icons was made after a few people have brought up how hp_icons needed some mods to control some of the chaos. They kind of have that situation under control now and it's better. This community however is all about awesome icons, the ones that people get speechless whenever they see them. The icons that just plain blow you away.

I figured, what the heck? Why not start my own Harry Potter icon community. I've been wanting my own community for awhile, and since I'm almost always on-line everyday anyways...I'd be the best for the job to make sure that things are getting well maintained.

Second reason, I'm sick of seeing these gross icons that me want to barf all over my keyboard. Obviously you know it if you make good icons, and if you put "I'm sure you won't use these, but...oh well. Thought I'd post them anyways..." Bah. So this is a community where you have to apply to get in. Yes that means a whole lot of work for me, but it's better that way.

The main idea for this kind of community I suppose is from takenote_icons and goodhplotricons Which I admire <3 but neither of them are just for Harry Potter icons, so this gives other people who aren't such fans of Lord of the Rings to just have Harry Potter icons. Might seem stupid to some of you, who are fans of both, and I am one of them who like both. But I'm not a person who uses LotR's icon and obsesses over them :D So I'm hoping that neither of the owners of those communities will be upset with me <333

Last but not least...what is up with this name? Prefect Icons. I remember when I first saw the word Prefect, I read it as perfect at first but looked at it again and saw it was 'PREfect' instead of 'PERfect.' Perfect, would mean you are absolutely flawless is how I would define it. That's how I want the icons to seem in this community. Not only that but prefects in the Harry Potter series are usually the top of the class students. Role models, the ones that everyone should look up to and be like 'I want to be like them.' When I first started making icons, I adored looking at these icons that were just a work of art and you could tell they spent time on. So it really holds 2 meanings to me.

1.) No advertising other communities. (Unless it was just a small plug at the bottom of an entry with icons.
2.) You must apply to become a member, if you are accepted I will give you posting rights.
3.) If you are not accepted or do not want to apply, but would like to keep track of the community, just join...you will not have posting access but you are still considered a member.
4.) Do NOT post questions such as "what program did you use?" just for an entry. I don't mind if someone asks the person who posted, but don't just make an entry about it.
5.) Do not post questions such as "omfg where did yooz git thoze peekturez of da noo trailar?!!/!?11" If you saw someone use them on an icon they made, just politely, in english ask them where they got them from.
6.) Do not steal icons, you could get in major trouble. If you do take an icon, politely comment and credit...even if they say you don't have to. It's really nice if you do.
7.) If you used someone elses base, please give them credit so it doesn't start some major drama.
8.) No bashing what-so-ever. If you don't like whatever ship that person is shipping or whatever...it does not mean you have to say something about it. Keep your mouth shut and deal with it.
9.) You are allowed to post fan art icons, and slashy icons. I do ask though, that when you post slashy icons, or anything with adult material, please put it under a lj-cut with a WARNING.
10.) When posting more than 3 icons, please use a lj-cut.
11.) Bases are allowed
12.) If you are not accepted, do not harass me and be all up in my face about it. I don't care where else you got excepted, this is my personal opinion about your icons.
13.) All of your post no longer need to be friend's only. :) If you want them to be Friend's Only that's fine, and if you don't want them to be, that's fine too.

To join, comment on this entry with examples of your icons!

geeky_icons hp_g_awards

If you would like to be affiliates, please give me a link to your community. It must be Harry Potter Graphics related or icon related, thanks!

To link us:

Coming Soon this Summer... I will probably start having icon contest, if I can get it organized. :D

Head Mod/Maintainer:
fazzleness or __dyingxday


Looking for maybe...3 more? You must have good taste in icons and be able to critique people's work without being rude. I give the mod's the power to accept or decline people who are trying out for the community.

If you are still interested in being a mod, e-mail me at so_controversial_x@yahoo.com